Oak Cliff

The artists of Oak Cliff welcome you into their homes and studios for the annual Visual SpeedBump Art Tour.
This one-day event is Free and open to the public. Printed maps will be available at each stop.
Saturday May 16th Noon - 6pm

Interested Participants Apply Here

Chuck and George

Lisette Chavez
Gillian Bradshaw-Smith
also Jessica Beatty
Anna Meyer, Aza Smith
Kelley Cheek & Brett Ardoin
516 S.Marlborough Ave
Dallas TX 75208

Andrea Tosten

2503 Burlington Blvd
Dallas Texas 75211

Angela Faz Studio

2026 Melbourne Ave
Dallas TX 75224

Ann Chisholm

1107 Berkley Ave
Dallas Texas 75224

Dallas Lodge no44

Independent Order
of Odd Fellows

1808 Hampton Rd
Dallas TX 75208

Dragonsfire Pottery - Rachel Hoehn

222 S. Windomere Ave
Dallas TX 75208

Drywall Studios

Iris Bechtol
Brennen Bechtol

1122 Elmdale Place
Dallas TX 75224

Elizabeth Mellott

1610 S Waverly Drive
Dallas Texas 75224

Erica Felicella

114 South Shore Drive
Dallas TX 75216

Erica Stephens

1134 S. Montreal Ave
Dallas TX 75208

Jonathan Molina-Garcia

203 S Edgefield Ave. #18
Dallas Texas 75208

Krista Chalkley

517 N. Oak Cliff Blvd
Dallas Texas 75208

Mighty Fine Arts

✱ Open past 6pm !

409A N.Tyler St
Dallas TX 75208

Oak Cliff Pottery

James Olney

915 S. Franklin St
Dallas TX 75211

Oil and Cotton

Creative Exchange

817 W. Davis St #110
Dallas TX 75208

Rachel Muldez and Art Garcia Studios

509 W. Davis St
Dallas TX 75208

Sara Cardona

304 S. Montclair Ave.
Dallas TX 75208

Luscious Art Studios

Rob Conover

510 S. Westmoreland Rd.
Dallas Texas 75211

Shadetree Studio

Lyndon Mitchell, Sculptor

640 Bizerte Ave.
Dallas TX 75224

Sour Grapes Crew

1300 S. Polk St Suite 261
Dallas TX 75224

Sunset Studios

1811 Balboa Place
Dallas TX 75224