Visual SpeedBump Art Tour 2019

The artists of Oak Cliff and West Dallas welcome you into their homes and studios for the annual Visual SpeedBump Art Tour. Come out and see artists in their natural habitat and be amazed by all the creativity. This one-day event is Free and open to the public.
Printed maps will be available at each stop.

Saturday May 18th Noon - 6 pm !

Chuck and George

Kat Lilley & Anna Meyer

also Aza Smith
Kelley Cheek & Brett Ardoin

516 S.Marlborough Ave.
Dallas TX 75208

Scott Winterrowd

2737 W. Jefferson Blvd
Dallas . TX 75208

Park on Cavendar

Oak Cliff Pottery

James Olney
in the curbside 513 gallery

915 S. Franklin St. Dallas TX 75211

Drywall Studios

Iris Bechtol
Brennen Bechtol
Analise Minjarez
Sarita Westrup

1122 Elmdale Place Dallas TX 75224

Elizabeth Mellott

1610 S Waverly Drive
Dallas, Texas 75224

Rachel Muldez - Art Garcia Studios

509 W. Davis St.
Dallas, TX 75208

Andrea Tosten

2503 Burlington Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75211

Mighty Fine Arts

"Insecta Rays and A Game of Charades"
Monique Janette and Courtney Googe
409A N.Tyler St.
Dallas TX 75208

✱ Open past 6pm !

Oil and Cotton

Creative Exchange

817 W. Davis St. #110
Dallas TX 75208

Dallas Lodge no44

Independent Order
of Odd Fellows

1808 Hampton Rd
Dallas TX 75208

Kim Cadmus Owens
Lily Smith-Kirkley

2003 Brundrette St.
Dallas TX 75208

Deadbolt Studios

Zeke Williams, Paul Winker
Jessie Moncrief, Matt Clark

2609 Parvia Ave
Dallas TX 75212

516 Fabrication

H Schenck
Gina Orlando
Ricardo Paniagua
Evan Sheldon

516 Fabrication St. Dallas TX 75212

Cool Palace

Matthew Brinston
Henry Swanson

2613 Parvia Avenue
Dallas TX 75212

The Kessler

Ball of confusion:
The Art of Dwayne Carter

1230 West Davis St.
Dallas, TX 75208

✱ Open past 6pm !


James M. Rizzi, Bruce Lee Webb, Cruz Ortiz and more

411 N. Bishop Ave.
Dallas,Texas 75208

✱ Open past 6pm !