Info about Erica and her work

Erica Felicella is an artist focusing on performance, installation, and new media living in Oak Cliff – Dallas, Texas. She was the previous Executive Director of the nonprofit Art Conspiracy or Art Con for short as well as a community activist for creativity and the artists that live within it. She is actively involved in her local art community not only as an organizer and curator of art exhibitions and a mentor to new and emerging artists, but also as a creative in constant search for new and exciting ways to share her own unique perspective with the rest of the world. On the tour this year Felicella will be exhibiting some of her latest video works and some reflections from a previous performance "Behind the Closed Door". "Looking to the Future" 2017 Looking around is an everyday activity for all those who can see, but do we really see? The future is always in front of us. Daily we look at who we are, where we are going and where we have already been. As it is said hindsight is 20/20, but what is the quality of the lens you use to see the future? When you look out into what lies ahead there are views of change, struggles and endless opportunities. So what do you see looking at you as you look at it? "Rotation" 2016 Rotation is a video performance art piece about human expression. The work's intent is to invoke emotion in the viewer therefore creating a a rotation between the artist and the audience.