Visual SpeedBump Art Tour 2022

The artists of Oak Cliff welcome you into their homes and or studios for the annual Visual SpeedBump Art Tour.
Come out and see artists in their natural habitat!
This one-day event is Free and open to the public. Printed maps will be available at each stop.
Please assume that masks may be required at each location.

Saturday May 14th Noon - 6 pm !

Chuck and George

The Brians
Aza Smith
Kelley Cheek
Brett Ardoin
516 S.Marlborough Ave
Dallas TX 75208


An emmersive collection
of all things DIVINE!
525 S.Marlborough Ave
Dallas TX 75208

Dragons Fire Pottery

Rachel Hoehn
Ongoing Demonstrations!
222 S. Windomere
Dallas TX 75208

Human Beams

by Armando Aguirre
410 S. Windomere Ave
Dallas TX 75208

Claire Moore

Zoe Zambrano
611 South Willomet Ave
Dallas TX 75208

Oil and Cotton

Charlotte Lily Gaspard
Erin Frisch, Jay Bailey
June Covington
Sarita Westrup
Make Art With Purpose
2313 Beatrice Street #100
Dallas TX 75208

Oak Cliff Cultural Center

ART 214
Juried Exhibition
223 W Jefferson Blvd
Dallas TX 75208

Oak Cliff Pottery

James Olney
Shua Kwon
Nicole Bernard
915 S. Franklin St
Dallas TX 75211

FurrRader Workshop

Paige Furr
John Rader
Kate Foster
2749 Ivandell Ave
Dallas TX 75211

Robb Conover

510 S Westmoreland Rd
Dallas TX 75211

Elizabeth Mellott

1610 S Waverly Drive
Dallas Texas 75224

Scott Winterrowd

1711 Lansford Ave
Dallas Texas 75224

Terrain Dallas

Presents "curbside connections"
by river jackson-paton
1122 Elmdale Pl.
Dallas TX 75224

Faz Studio

Presents: Autonomous Bodies
and the Multitudes of Experience
2026 Melbourne Ave
Dallas Texas 75224


Doug Dunlop
Peggy Lee Oster
1808 Savoy St
Dallas TX 75224